December 19, 2007

Shorter Silliness

by PG

Thanks to Vista's continued assault on every application I run, a post I'd just finished disappeared. It was too long anyway. The main point was that Tammy Bruce*, Amy Alkon, Anne Applebaum and InstaPundit are all silly for criticizing the National Organization for Women for its focus on what's happening in the U.S., rather than on what's happening in other countries. They are especially silly for ignoring that when what's happening in those countries intersects with the U.S., NOW does issue a statement and push its members to support U.S. government action in favor of women's rights.

Katha Pollitt took this whole absurd argument apart several months ago. It is typical of pro-Iraq war outlets like InstaPundit and Fox News not to grasp that perhaps a group trumpeting its Americanism won't be as effective as an international organization, in changing how women are treated in countries that don't like the U.S. Like someone once said about supporting the war while distrusting Bush, we need to convince these nations that women's rights are a good thing even if the decadent West thinks they are.

* Tammy Bruce wins extra sillypoints for thinking that a law that is equally applied to women as well as men -- such as the Sudan's law against disrespecting Muhammad -- must be a specifically feminist issue, if she doesn't like the law and it's currently being applied to a white British woman. I'm doubtful about criminal penalties for abusing prescription drugs, but I don't assume the law must be a feminist issue because Noelle Bush got arrested under it.

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