September 24, 2007

Harvey Birdman Smiles Upon This

by PG

Practitioner Scott H. Greenfield has an amusing rant against the Super Lawyer advertisement that ran in the same New York Times magazine as the Justice Stevens profile. SHG notes, "In New Jersey, Super Lawyers has been outlawed. It was deemed unethical and a scam on the public. Whether it's any more of a scam than any other lawyer advertising is unclear, but the superlative nature of the list does tend to suggest a great deal about a lawyer that may not be exactly accurate."

If the New Jersey courts approve this as consistent with the First Amendment, this will bring them into conflict with Virginia, and either the conflict or a suit filed in federal court may precipitate a resolution of the issue through the Supreme Court.

September 24, 2007 12:49 AM | TrackBack

Hello, my name is Bill White and Iím the publisher of Super Lawyers. You may want to post a correction on your reference to the Super Lawyers publication being banned in New Jersey. Itís true that the New Jersey Committee on Attorney Advertising issued Opinion 39, which attempted to ban Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers, but that opinion was stayed by the state Supreme Court within weeks of its issuance way back in August of 2006. The Super Lawyers publishers and a number of other parties are challenging the Opinion in a case currently before the New Jersey Supreme Court. If you want to follow the case, check out ( ) where we post all documents filed in the case as well as a summary of the latest developments. Meanwhile, the third annual edition of New Jersey Super Lawyers was published this past spring. Let me know if you have any questions."

Bill White
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Posted by: Bill White at September 24, 2007 05:51 PM
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