March 27, 2006

The Money Shot

by PG

Somehow I didn't notice this story from the Wednesday Wall Street Journal until it was about to become litter for my rabbit:

The U.S. Mint in Denver turns out 32 million coins a day, and it is heavily guarded against intrusion. But it's the situation within, say some employees, that is worrisome.
Stashes of sex magazines. A secret attic room where male employees could hide out to peruse them. The "fresh-meat syndrome," wherein new female employees faced crudely suggestive comments about their appearance. A manager who often addressed one woman as a "fat bitch."
Technically, the pornography and masturbation corner aren't as overtly hostile as the suggestive comments and insults, but they immediately reminded me of the Catharine MacKinnon quote I cited in the previous post about sex discriminatory workplaces: "Somebody ought to get worried about the fact that no work is getting done." The hell with firing the men for creating a hostile environment; why would anyone who did this, or a manager who tolerated it, get away with not working while being paid to do so? Hanging out in the break room discussing Survivor wastes time, but at least it socializes the employees and creates a collegial working environment, while there's (presumably) no such justification for the solitary vice.

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