March 10, 2006

Scrunchies Are Back!

by PG

If they're good enough for Justice Ginsburg, they're once again good enough for me.

In more serious news regarding my favorite justice, while most of the right-wing blogs and news sites were too busy chanting "If this had been a conservative justice..." to remember Justice Ginsburg's medical history, the Austin Chronicle spells out what the mainstream media delicately neglected:

But the most alarming interlude was that of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who asked a few early questions in a faint, querulous voice, was not heard from again in the spirited and sometimes crackling debate, and then late in the second hour visibly fell asleep, head deeply bowed, for about 15 minutes. She had sounded ill, frankly, and she looked it, and one can only hope that she wasn't as exhausted over the enormous pile of Texas briefs as she was over the tip of the freighted history represented by this fleeting, animated discussion of the future of Texas politics, as well as of much of the nation.

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