March 01, 2006

And Mississippi Follows

by PG

Anyone want to make book on which states will be next?

A Mississippi House committee voted Tuesday to ban most abortions in the state - an unexpected move that left abortion opponents grappling to stake out a position on a proposal that could prompt a lengthy court battle.
The only abortions allowed under the bill would be if the life of the pregnant woman were in danger. There would be no abortions allowed in cases of pregnancy caused by rape or incest.
In light of the discussion on my post about South Dakota's legislation, this proposed amendment to the Mississippi bill is particularly interesting:
Rep. Omeria Scott, D-Laurel, persuaded the House committee to approve an amendment that says the state would provide free education and medical services to any child born in the state, until age 19.
Scott said her proposal could extend beyond the public schools and Medicaid already offered. She said it could make a significant difference for a poor woman who's trying to decide whether to have an abortion.
"Anyone who wants to take this language out of this bill is not for life," Scott said.
If guaranteeing health care even for people who fall outside the bounds of Medicaid -- insufficiently poor, exhausted their five years on welfare, etc. -- this is at least a small step forward, but unlikely to change the minds of women who already are unsure of how to feed and house themselves and their existing families.

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