October 03, 2005

Who's Your Nanny?

by PG

Aside from the "We confirmed John Roberts, and you, madam, are no John Roberts" issues with Harriet Miers -- many are way too snobby to give a Southern Money Methodist grad the pass they gave to a Harvard boy -- I'm worried about Miers's help. While a weakness for undocumented workers is not peculiar to the border states (Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood and Bernard Kerik are Yankees), it is difficult to get legal unskilled labor in New Mexico (Linda Chavez) and Texas, Miers's home state. I can't say that lawyers are smarter about such things, as Baird and Wood were both Clinton nominees for attorney general. However, if Miers has made it this far, there probably are no dubious maids in her closet.

And if Bush is looking for a nice white lady to replace O'Connor...
U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, appointed by G.H.W. Bush, 61 years old
An Ohioan, well regarded and respected for her intellect and judgment, Batchelder could be a nominee meant to stifle Democratic criticism. Batchelder is considered a nominee who could appear as thoughtful, charismatic and intelligent in Senate hearings as Judge Roberts was.

New World Man presents: My favorite candidate for the Supreme Court
brought to you by Quizilla

Another option I wouldn't urge Democrats to reject: Michael McConnell. And though she's not on anyone else's list, I'm still rooting for Lillian BeVier, who has ivory tower cred to spare (UVA law prof for thirty years, Stanford Law Review and Order of the Coif), as well as much to reassure thoughtful Republicans (active in the Federalist Society and a deep-set conservative judicial philosophy, though not a party hack). Miers is such an unknown that even on Quizilla, only seven people's answers have given her as a result.

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