August 09, 2005

OCI Woes

by Ruth

EDITED to add: Ooops, forgot it was symposium time. But if you need a break from Bar Exam talk, here it is.

Number of firms interviewing on campus this fall: 362

Minus those that require Top 10%, left with: 345

Minus those that require Top 25%, left with: 310

Minus those that require moot court or law review, left with: 270

*cue picky nature*

Minus those that are not in Dallas or Austin (Houston's too humid, don't really want to live anywhere else), left with, erm, like 50.

*cue laziness*

Minus those that require a cover letter, because I can't be bothered to write any, left with: 20

Minus the thirty minute interviews because of sheer length of interview, left with 10.

You know, I didn't really want to work next summer anyway.

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