July 29, 2007

Other Blawgs to Read

by PG

As you may have seen elsewhere, there have been two compendiums of blawgs recently released.
blawgworld_tilt_c1_free_500 (2).jpg
One, BlawgWorld 2007, is a free ebook that features posts from 77 blawgs. It's of interest both for its content and its design.

The second, the ABAJournal's Blawg Directory, is much bigger and quite intelligently tabbed: you can look for blawgs based on their subject matter, author type (e.g., Associate, Consultant, Judge, Professor), Region (breakdowns by both circuits and states), and law school. It links to RSS feeds and itself acts like a quasi-feed, offering the titles and first few lines of each blawg to which it links.

(I admit that I'm aware of these only because De Novo is featured in both, but don't let that prejudice you against them.)

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