January 29, 2006

(In)Discretion in Four Parts

by PG

One. I advised a classmate to take her serious complaint about a professor's behavior to someone in the administration. "I think we're too often overawed by professors," I declaimed with the assistance of a pina colada, "and we don't take responsibility for passing information up the chain." I understand the impulse to stay quiet completely; sometimes one's own upset seems irrational and disproportionate, and we're supposed to be professional, which adjective comes with a strong pressure of "stay calm and roll with the system." That all of my experiences have been positive just means I've been lucky in my teachers, and more feedback might make that luck more common. At least, we ought not complain in after years about how law school failed us unless we do our part to improve it.

Two. Is the above an inappropriate disclosure of information? What if the first two sentences are untrue and no such incident took place? Shades of James Frey...

Three. The "Overheard in Law School" blog is consistently funny. However, several contributors' law schools are easily identifiable from their Blogger profiles or individual blogs (one says he's at CWRU, and the implication is that the other Clevelanders are as well). While none of the entries is insulting or excessively personal, some of the professors might not want it publicly bruited outside the CWRU student grapevine that they made these remarks. But maybe these bits of conversation all have been made up.

Four. True or false, this entry -- "Corporations Prof: This class is about money -- it isnít good against evil, it is evil against evil. This is the vampires coming in and getting fought off by werewolves" -- reminded me of a friend's assessment of Underworld: Evolution's plot as being like Loving v. Virginia (because of the fear of vampire-werewolf miscegenation).

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