April 17, 2005

This is the end, my only 1L year, the end

by Armen

Aside from the obvious connection to Apocolypse Now, my oral arguments did not go as horribly as previously though. In fact it went quite well once I mustered enough courage to speak without a quiver in my voice. Of course the downside to being done with Oral Arguments is that you realize other aspects of one's 1L year will also soon, VERY QUICKLY, come to an end.

Remember getting your admission letter (or e-mail, or telegram, or fruit basket)? The first visit? The apartment hunting? The typical first time greeting: "Hi I'm _____...so where'd you go for undergrad? Oh cool, and what'd you major in? Oh cool." Locker assignment. Requesting your first transcript. Getting called on for the first time. The list is endless, but the time is not. And in a few weeks, but for some interviews and write-on competitions, very few things in law school will be for the first time.

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