December 30, 2004

How Appropriate

by PG

Lawrence Lessig's Code, a book about how the structure of the internet may enable regulation, is going to be updated into a second edition with the help of a Wiki, i.e. open-source editing, and some volunteer "Chapter Captains" to ride herd on the process. Similar ideas have been floated before, especially with reference to Lessig, so this announcement is delightful but unsurprising. (Via Orin Kerr.)

Certainly some recent trends make Code ripe for a new edition. One example that came to mind immediately was the frustration of music-downloading by two methods: flooding networks with bogus files (what seems to be a kind of regulation by code) and lawsuits and legislation (regulation by law). To hear people argue the question of law versus code, listen to Prof. Epstein of Chicago debate Prof. Moglen of Columbia regarding Intel v. Hamidi.

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