March 18, 2004

Perspectives on Legal Education: All Posts

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Day One: Thinking Like A Lawyer--
Bashman: To Think Like A Lawyer
Berman: It Depends
Solum: What Do Law Schools Teach?
Volokh: Writing to Think Like a Lawyer

Day Two: Entering The Profession--
Fowler: What I Didn't Learn In Law School
Jensen: To L With 3L
Nick Morgan: The Grading of Young Lawyers
Schaeffer: Complications Mar the Law School Birthing Process
TPB: On Thinking Like A Client

Day Three: Being and Becoming a Student--
Baude: On the Asylum's Doorstep
Chris Geidner: Value, Objectivity, & Hierarchy? Try Time, Honesty, & Ideas Instead
Lithwick: I Went to Law School for This?
Jeremy Blachman: Riding the Train
Sandefur: Overdue Gripes About the Case Method
Fool: Lessons Learned (Or Not) In School

Day Four: Symposium Follow-Ups--
Nick Morgan: Law Schools Not Teach Lawyering?
Jeremy Blachman: A Quick Tour of the Blogosphere
PG: Wait, I Have to Practice?

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