June 04, 2004

When Castration Isn't Enough

by PG

In March, David Wayne Jones became the second Texas inmate to be voluntarily castrated. (The number of Texas inmates who are involuntarily castrated is unknown.) The former East Dallas YMCA camp counselor admitted to molesting more than 40 boys and pleaded guilty in 1991 to felony charges of indecency with a child, in exchange for a 15-year prison sentence. He had served nine years of that before being paroled in 2000, but was soon sent back to prison after being caught in sexual activity with a fellow halfway-house resident.

Jones was released yesterday, despite prosecutor Howard Blackmon's recent attempts to pursue a 2001 indictment for aggravated sexual assault. District Judge John Nelms decided to dismiss this new charge on the grounds that prosecutors violated speedy trial laws and that the delay would seriously impede Jones's ability to defend himself, particularly as the alleged incident occurred 15 years ago.

With the failure of further criminal prosecution, Texas's Special Prosecution Unit is pursuing a civil commitment that would keep Jones confined, though outside a prison, and provide intensive rehabilitation beyond the weekly counseling he will receive as part of his parole.

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