April 05, 2004

De Novo Symposium: Internet, Law, & Culture

by Announcement

We have received several great submissions for next week's De Novo Symposium on Internet, Law, & Culture, but we'd love some more. If you are interested, please submit an op-ed length discussion of some issue relating to Internet, Law, & Culture to us in the coming days.

Top Ten Reasons To Submit To Our Symposium (by Jeremy):

10. Your blog averages just 8 readers a day and you want to reach a wider audience.
9. You enjoy subjecting your thoughful analysis to angry attacks from uninformed and unaccountable troublemakers who like to leave comments.
8. The New York Times rejected your piece for being "too factually accurate."
7. You like our delightful color scheme.
6. You thought you remembered reading that we were paying our contributors.
5. You want to be part of a forum that's already had pieces from Howard Bashman, Lawrence Solum, Dahlia Lithwick, Eugene Volokh, and more.
4. You're reassured by our plea for submissions that we probably won't reject yours, and so all your hard work won't have gone to waste.
3. We'll add you to our blogroll (if we feel like it).
2. Free copyediting.
1. Because you like us.

This symposium project is our little experiment for the blogosphere, but it will only work if you all (and those you talk to) want it to work. So, if you want to see this symposium idea continue, please submit or encourage someone you know to do so!

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