March 17, 2004

Day Three: Being and Becoming a Student

by Announcement

Welcome back to our third day of "Perspectives on Legal Education," the first in De Novo’s continuing series of symposia. We plan to reserve tomorrow for any symposium follow-ups and responses, and then begin normal blogging. If today is your first visit, be sure to check out Day One (with contributions from Bashman, Berman, Solum, and Volokh) and Day Two (with contributions from Fowler, Jensen, Morgan, Schaeffer, and TPB).

Today, we offer the following entries on "being and becoming a student":

Will Baude, "On the Asylum's Doorstep"

Chris Geidner, "Value, Objectivity, & Hierarchy? Try Time, Honesty, & Ideas Instead"

Dahlia Lithwick, "I Went to Law School for This?"

Jeremy Blachman, "Riding the Train"

Timothy Sandefur, "Overdue Gripes About the Case Method"

[UPDATE: The Fool writes "Lessons Learned (Or Not) In School".]

Once again, please feel encouraged to comment or respond to any entries by email. Notice, also, that any subsequent entries and responses we publish will appear below this floating "table of contents" post.


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